About the Department of Political Economy at WNE UW

Katedra Ekonomii Politycznej

The Department of Political Economy was established in 1953 with the opening of the Faculty of Political Economy at the University of Warsaw, which has, since 1977, been known as the Faculty of Economic Sciences.

Since 2014, the head of the Department is Prof. Łukasz Hardt.

*In Memoriam of Prof. Jerzy Wilkin (1947-2023) - head of the Department (1996-2014) and Dean of the Faculty of Economic Sciences (1996-1999)*

The Department's members conduct research inter alia in the following fields: new political economy, institutional economics, public choice, philosophy of economics, history of economics, complexity economics, economic analysis of law, constitutional economics, agricultural economics, health economics and labor economics. They are also interested in issues from the broadly-construed areas of development economics and economics of happiness. They conduct theoretical, methodological and empirical research, and the latter using both qualitative and quantitative methods. The Center for Economic Analyzes of the Public Sector (CEAPS) operates at the Department.

Research projects run at the Department are financed inter alia by the National Science Centre, the National Centre for Research and Development, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Poland, and the European Commission. Their effects are numerous publications in respected international scientific journals and monographs, as well as in domestic outlets.

The Department's members have been frequently awarded for their research inter alia by the Ministry of Education and Science, the National Science Centre, the Foundation for Polish Science, Polityka weekly, and the Rector of the University of Warsaw.

Detailed information on the conducted research is available on members' subpages.

The Department's members are active in teaching courses such as Political Economy, History of Economic Thought, Institutional Economics, Introduction to Economics, Micro- and Macroeconomics at various levels, as well as numerous specialization courses and bachelor's and master's seminars.

Detailed information about the conducted courses is available in the USOS WNE system and on members' subpages.